We Provide the Best Prevention Programmes

ADAAL provides prevention activities to help young people both in and out of school with information on the harms caused by alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

ADAAL establishes clubs to promote continued interaction that will help translate knowledge into behavior change.

Secondary prevention through counseling services looks deeply into spiritual, psychological and psychosocial issues.

ADAAL provides education and parenting skills using international child development program to people planning to have children, those who have children, caregivers, lay counselors, guardians and teachers. Our family clubs strengthen communication and build relationships.

ADAAL advocates for policies, legislation and enforcement for people to live in a conducive environment.

ADAAL further provides evidence based information for evidence based interventions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Abstinence: ADAAL believes in total abstinence as the first drink is the initial step to alcoholism. In young people, we believe in "no sex before marriage" as using other preventive measures are not 100% safe and exposes young people to other health risks.

  • Faithfulness: We believe in keeping the promise and being faithful to oneself.

  • Prayer: We believe in prayer as the powerful tool for success.

  • Dedicated Team Spirit: We believe in team work and commitment of all those who decide to support and work with us.

  • Loyalty: We commit ourselves to being loyal, accountable and sensitive to things which might affect our image and the image of the organization.

  • Respect: We announce our commitment to respecting ourselves and other people regardless of their alcohol use/abuse status with the ultimate aim of helping those with alcohol and drug abuse related problems.

  • To establish and build a rehabilitation centre that focuses on young people and people with special needs such as those exposed to drugs due to human trafficking and design and implement a rehabilitation programme that includes skills development.

  • To train youth and promote livelihoods projects designed to bring about betterment in the lives of Basotho and alleviate alcohol and drug abuse.

  • To assist people with alcohol and drug problems and their immediate families through the provision of support services such as counseling, information and education.

  • To help students, teachers, tutors and school communities deepen their knowledge on issues of alcohol, drug and substance abuse related problems including HIV and AIDS.

  • To reward changed behavior and support people who have pledged to abstain from alcohol and drugs and develop programmes that promotes abstinence.

  • The target group is the category of children from 0 to 12 years and the category of youth from 13 to 21 years within schools and in communities. ADAAL also observes people who are regarded as youth by their constituencies/the society they associate with as forming part of their target group regardless of age.

  • The development of children and provision of life skills for youth. ADAAL uses the family and community approach to provide services to youth who are in and out of school. As a means of achieving this aim, ADAAL is implementing a Schools Training Programme focusing on alcohol, drugs and substance abuse with strong prevention messages in combating HIV/AIDS. ADAAL also works with schools within communities and engages with teachers, staff, parents, local government authorities and chiefs.

  • To build a responsible nation and create a conducive healthy learning environment through the provision of quality alcohol and drug education, information and communication; counselling services on alcohol, drugs and substance abuse.


    Internal Stakeholders

  • Membership is open to individuals as well as to schools, institutions, other associations and groups who subscribe to the aims and objectives of ADAAL and who have paid the stipulated subscription fee. The Exeutive Committee is elected by the members in good standing who attend ADAAL's AGM ADAAL members are expected to support the programmes through participation in programme development and fundraising. They are also expected to volunteer their services such as counseling of clients and referrals of those who require residential treatment.


    Full membership: Dedicated and committed individuals who abstain from all forms of alcohol, drugs and substance use. Subscription for full membership is M100.00 annually.

    Students’ membership: Students under twenty one years dedicated and committed to abstain from alcohol, drugs and substance use. Subscription amount for students’ membership is M50.00 annually.

    Associate membership: A group of people either community based or an informal group with interest to support ADAAL mandate e.g professionals Associate membership subscription is M200.00 annually.


    Forms are available for membership.

    Membership is paid on the following account details:

    Account holder: Anti-Drug Abuse Association of Lesotho

    Account number: 90800 0678 4271

    Bank: Standard Lesotho Bank

    Branch name: City branch

    Branch code: 060667

    Swift: SBICLSMX

  • These are the core drivers of ADAAL's mandate, vision and mission as a result, they have to be committed total alcohol and other drug abstainers. Currently ADAAL has sive part time Volunteers. Three of them also currently serving as Board members.

  • A volunteer is defined as "An individual who is committed to promoting the aims, objectives and programmes of ADAAL on a voluntary basis". At present, volunteers include Focal Teachers and Peer Educators who are also part of the beneficiaries of ADAAL's HIV Prevention and Anti Drug Abuse Programme. ADAAL is currently operating through volunteers and has been allocated a volunteer by the National Volunteer Office. This officer is working under the supervision of the Director who is a volunteer and the Board Members who are also volunteering their expertise. Since 2017 when all the staff members were released due to termination of the last project, ADAAL continued with Youth activities which include Boys forums, soccer for under 14, under 17 and under 20 age groups. A lot of activities were undertaken during festive periods.

    External Stakeholders

  • These are institutions, organizations and role players whose core progrmmes and activities are very relevant to ADAAL's mission and to the attainment of its objectives. These stakeholders are actual or potential implementing partners of ADAAL.

  • Ministries of Education, Health, Gender, Youth, Sports & Recreation, Tourism, Trade & Industry, Social Development, Home Affairs and Police Services.


    Though these stakeholders have not been fully involved in the process of the strategic planning, ADAAL still values their participation in the implementation of its programmes. For example, the Ministry of Education is the custodian of the schools which accommodate ADAAL's main target group; youth. As a result, the ministry expects ADAAL to deliver quality preventive measures which will promote a conducive learning environment and good image of the schools.


    The Ministry of Health is the custodian of the HIV/AIDS policy, the behaviour change strategies and health education including public health. The different units and departments within the ministry expect ADAAL to play a role in the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases.


    ADAAL is in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. It is also in the process of mobilizing resources for construction of a Rehabilitation Center which is very much in demand since there is none in the country now.


  • Lesotho Council of NGO's (LCN) through its different clusters.


    These stakeholders are seen as supporters of ADAAL's vision through their different programmes. It is a shared expectation from both ADAAL and them to establish formal networks in order to share good practices and add value to one another's activities.


    ADAAL Board of Directors




    Ms. Mphonyane Mofokeng

    Founder & Director


    Mr. Molemo Mpeta



    Mr. Phoka Mathe

    Vice Chairperson


    Ms. 'Matlali Tlali

    Vice Secretary


    Mrs. Nokufa Green



    Ms. 'Matseko Ramokoena

    Advisory Member (IT & PR)


    Lakeside Hotel, Maseru, Lesotho
    (+266) 5885 4048

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